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Race Official Information Manual

Race Officials

At a ski race the parents of the racers need to be the Race Officials to ensure that the race is safe and fair. BC Alpine only provides a Technical Delegate for the race. All other roles including Chief of Race, Chief of Course, Chief of Timing, Chief of Gates, Gate Judges, Race Administrator, Start Referee, Finish Referee, Starter and Course Workers will need to be filled by parent volunteers. It takes up to 30 volunteers to run a race.

All parents or guardians of athletes in the U12, U14, U16/U18 program are encouraged to take a  Race Official Level I and Level II Course. For your racer to get the best experience possible from their time in the club, parents are encouraged to invest the time to understand the rules of Alpine Skiing and volunteer at races.

The courses provide information on how a ski race is run and the various roles and responsibilities for the volunteer race officials. Apex Ski Club will try to put on a Race Official Level I Course in the fall before the start of each new season and the Okanagan Zone will put on a Level II course each season. The Level I course takes three to four hours and will provide confidence for the parent to volunteer in various roles at races hosted by Apex Ski Club or races hosted by other ski clubs. The Level II course is a full day course and provides in depth information on the FIS International Ski Competition Rules for Alpine Skiing and the roles and responsibilities of each official. 

Below you can download the Alpine Canada Officials Alpine Manual. 

If you have not been able to attend a Level I or Level II course or need a refresher on the rules and official roles this document has all of the information.